Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July weekend report + summer plans

I had a nice 4th of July long weekend even though my family didn't do all that much.

The fun began with lunch at Tomatina in San Mateo on the 4th. The plan was to go to Il Postale in Sunnyvale, but the place was inexplicably empty even though the doors were open. There was absolutely nobody inside, not even the waitstaff. I have no idea what was going on. At any rate, the food at Tomatina was quite good. We even got to watch part of the World Cup match between Brazil and Colombia on the restaurant's TV.

The three of us then looked for fine china at antique shops before heading home. This was somewhat exhausting as we made several stops. All of us were too tired to go anywhere to see fireworks, although I did pull a few party poppers in the evening.

Saturday and Sunday relatively uneventful. Seeing that it was fairly hot outside, I spent most of those two days studying Android development. Other than that, I reached level 85 magic in RuneScape over the weekend. W00t!

2014 summer plans

The rest of summer should also be awesome: my aunts Yu-Hua and Jill are coming over from China on the 12th and will be staying with us for a couple of weeks. The plan is to take them on a road trip to Reno this coming weekend. Two weeks after that, the five of us will be heading down to Pasadena for my cousin Connie's wedding. It will be my first time attending a wedding in almost 18 years, something I'm greatly looking forward to.

There's also a lot going on in August, starting with the annual Lab126 family picnic on the 9th. Henry's film club is taking a field trip to San Francisco the weekend after that. Last but not least, my 10-year high school reunion is at the end of the month. So yeah, I'm extremely excited for the summer. :-)

In other news...

On the subject of weddings, happy sixth anniversary to my cousin Anne and her husband Lawrence!

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