Saturday, December 22, 2012

on Christmas holiday and the Mayan apocalypse

Christmas break has started for me - for the most part.

Because I've only been at Lab126 for six months, I don't get the full amount of floating holidays. This means I have to work two more days between Christmas and the New Year. On the bright side, my boss says I can leave early if I want to. :-)

Speaking of holidays, my family had planned to go skiing at Tahoe this weekend. However, the trip was postponed to next week due to the recent storm. I can't imagine it would be fun if we were stuck in our hotel room the whole time!

A major topic of conversation was the 2012 phenomenon. Some people believed the world was going to end yesterday due to the previous cycle of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar coming to an end. Well, the apocalypse didn't happen, and we're all still here. I guess we lucked out. :P

In other news...

Happy 100th birthday to my late maternal grandfather Ching-Shang. Don't party too hard in Heaven, Gramps!

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