Thursday, December 8, 2011

one-year anniversary at Cisco + holiday party!

"Looks like this party is for you." -- Lakshmi

Today is my first anniversary at Cisco Systems. I can't believe it's been a whole year since I joined the team. It still feels like I just started working. Time certainly flies.

The cool thing is that our business unit had its annual holiday party at a nearby hotel tonight. The event was lots of fun; there was music, lots of food, prize drawings and even a photo booth. You can see my pictures from the event here. Some of my colleagues knew it was my work anniversary and joked that the company was throwing this party just for me. :-)

I wish I could say all is well, but that is unfortunately not the case. From what my supervisor told me last month, my manager is letting me go at the end of the year due to insufficient funds to renew my contract. Though the Armada Group is treating this as a layoff so I could get unemployment benefits, losing my job just before Christmas still kind of sucks.

As for the next steps, I haven't decided whether to continue my job search or try to go back to school. Decisions, decisions.

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