Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day weekend report

I took my parents out to lunch for the first time ever during the Mother's Day weekend. It was quite a special experience!

To start off, I spent most of Saturday helping out in the garden. Because my mother wants netting to protect the vegetables from birds, Dad and I worked on installing the supports. This was a demanding job, but at least we got most of it done.

For the Mother's Day lunch, my family went to Sino, an Asian fusion restaurant at Santana Row in San Jose. This was possible because my boss at Cisco had given me a $100 gift card. There are no words to express my gratitude.

Service was relatively fast despite the crowd. While the entrées were slightly overcooked, the dim sum and dessert were perfect. The hot hostesses quickly caught my eye; I couldn't resist flirting chatting with them while waiting for the food. Of course, that's as far as I went because they probably get hit on all the time. ^_^

You can see pictures from the lunch here. This is definitely something I want to do again. At least Father's Day is coming up!

On the subject of which, I helped Dad with yard work for the rest of the afternoon. The good news is that we got the poles and wires in place. All we need now are the nets before the job is finished. :-)

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