Saturday, July 12, 2008

follow-up on Anne's wedding + pictures!

I recently mentioned that Mom was in Taiwan for my cousin Anne's wedding and to see other relatives. Dad took me to SFO to pick her up after she came back last night. It was great to have her home again, especially considering that she hardly ever goes out of town alone!

The downer is that Dad and I were unable to attend the wedding in person. Seeing that my aunt Jill had hoped we could all be there - and it's customary to send a gift when invited to a wedding - Mom gave Lawrence and Anne a red envelope containing $1,000 in our name. Of note is that I was the only one who wrote them a card. As you could imagine, the couple was pleasantly surprised.

Mom was also kind enough to take some pictures for me. She didn't want to bring her camera at first but later changed her mind, for which I'm truly grateful. Though many of the pictures didn't come out too well, I found a few that were good enough to share. Head on over to my Flickr account to see them.

Oh yeah, and my mother bought me lots of Taiwanese snacks. She also brought back a large box of cookies that was given out to the guests. They're actually quite delicious. I'm a little sad that I couldn't go to the wedding, but it's nice to take a part of it home. :-)

In other news...

A plumber fixed the leak under the sink this morning. So hopefully no more messes on the kitchen floor. *crosses fingers*

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