Sunday, April 1, 2007

not a bad spring break :-)

I'm now back at Berkeley as spring break has ended. The week started out well as Dad took us to Napa Valley and downtown Los Gatos. However, he also had to go on a business trip shortly afterwards. Because Mom doesn't like traveling when he's not home, the two of us didn't go anywhere else.

That said, the rest of the break was all right as I got to watch six movies on DVD. Of those movies, Ladder 49 and Paycheck were my favorites. Hide and Seek and 28 Days Later weren't too bad either, although Stealth and Eragon were somewhat lame. I love our local library because it has so much stuff.

The other highlight was the potluck lunch on the 28th. While the guests were mostly housewives, Tony came with his mother as he enjoys meeting new people. The gathering was pretty fun even though there was nobody else my age.

Last but not least, I played a bit of RuneScape during study breaks. I'm about three million XP from level 99 fletching and should get there in a few days. :-)

In other news...

I got a perfect score on my first Stat 134 midterm. W00t!

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