Monday, June 9, 2014

a very special 30th anniversary...

The past weekend marked the 30th anniversary of two wonderful people in my life: Mom and Dad!

Seeing that this was a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, I figured we had to do something special. For several months, I had been thinking about where to take my parents out to eat. But my mother had a different idea: she didn't want me to spend too much on a meal and opted for a hot pot dinner at home instead. I obliged as this was her day after all.

Having found some high-quality seafood at an Asian supermarket, Mom made an amazing hot pot dinner on Saturday. She used nothing but the best ingredients, all of which were delicious. However, due to the time required to prepare such a meal, my family didn't do much in the evening other than go for a stroll around the neighborhood.

Sunday was also lots of fun as we went hiking near Woodside in the morning. It was almost noon when the hike was over, at which point we headed to Half Moon Bay to grab something to eat. As Dad was hungry for Japanese food, I took the opportunity to treat my parents to lunch at Sushi Main Street. Yum!

The three of us visited five antique stores on the way home as Mom wanted to shop for fine china. We were all too tired to do anything else in the evening, although I watched an episode each of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Batman: The Animated Series on the new Amazon Fire TV.

This was overall an awesome weekend. Here's to congratulating my parents on 30 happy years of marriage and hopefully many more to come!

Currently watching: Star Trek: The Next Generation season 3, episode 2: "The Ensigns of Command"