Monday, May 25, 2015

Napa County day trip + rest of Memorial Day weekend

The Memorial Day weekend had a great beginning as my family went to quite a few places. The remainder of the break was fairly uneventful as we mostly stayed home, but I can't complain about getting that extra rest.


The day was pretty fun as we headed up north to the Napa County area. The original plan was to take the Tangs along; however, they couldn't join us due to Eileen not feeling well. We nonetheless paid them a short visit before continuing on.

The reason for the day trip is that Mom wanted to see the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum in St. Helena. It was noon when we arrived, and the adjacent vineyard was the perfect spot for a picnic lunch. The museum was somewhat small but had many exhibits dedicated to the author. Having enjoyed this place, my family gladly made a donation before leaving. I'll have to admit - I had no idea Stevenson wrote so many books.

Downtown St. Helena awaited us later in the afternoon. St. Helena was a cool little town; I'd have loved to try the local food if everything wasn't so expensive. There was still some free time, during which we went to three nearby wineries. Although we had visited them on our trip to Napa and Carson City several years ago, Mom wanted better pictures for her articles.

The next stop was the WinCo Foods store in Fairfield for groceries. This was followed by a nice dinner at a Thai restaurant in Fremont. All of the dishes were spicy as hell but otherwise delicious. It was finally time to return home after a busy day.

Our original itinerary included Bodega Bay as well, but time constraints didn't allow for this excursion. I'm glad we didn't go there as we likely wouldn't get home until really late. That said, we're still planning to visit Bodega Bay in the near future. In the meantime, feel free to check out my pictures from the day trip.


Having done so much the day before, the three of us decided to relax at home and not do too much. RuneScape breaks aside, I mostly studied Android and PHP programming.


I again spent most of the time studying. Our plan for the evening was to watch the foreign movie The Hunt for Henry's film club. The DVD unfortunately turned out to be damaged, in which case I listened to some online lectures instead. Other than that, I completed a few quests and the medium Arduogne tasks in RuneScape during my free time.

So yeah, the Memorial Day long weekend wasn't too bad.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

2,100 skill total in RuneScape

I just hit 2,100 skill total in RuneScape a few moments ago. You can go here for the screenshot. This probably isn't a big deal in today's standards as skills have become so much easier to train, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to brag. :-)

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Monday, May 11, 2015

an amazing Mother's Day weekend

The weekend was totally awesome as my family went to Pacifica with the Tangs and had dinner with Jeff and Sheila. Mom and I also went to the movie club meeting at Henry's house!

Saturday began with a trip to the Gate of Heaven Cemetery to pay our respects to my late maternal grandmother Pi-Tan. Considering that I hadn't visited her resting place in well over a year, this was something we felt needed to be done. We then made a quick stop at Trader Joe's before going to the BART station in Millbrae to pick up George and Eileen.

As an early Mother's Day celebration, I treated my parents and the Tangs to lunch at a Mexican-Peruvian restaurant in Pacifica called El Toro Loco. The place wasn't open yet when we arrived, so the five of us took a short stroll around the area in the meantime. The nice thing about arriving early is that we were the first to be seated. The servings were huge, and there was more than enough food for everyone. It was truly a wonderful experience.

Sening that the meal had lots of calories, our party went for a walk at the nearby Sharp Park Beach afterwards. There was a dead whale that had beached a few days ago, and my mother figured it would be an interesting sight. I had never seen a whale so close before, although the carcass smelled absolutely fucking awful. Mom and I took a few pictures before getting the hell out of there.

Dad then took us to the nearby Frontierland Park for an afternoon picnic. The older folks mostly discussed philosophy and the arts - topics that were admittedly above my head. After everything was said and done, my family dropped George and Eileen off at the BART station before heading home. I've posted pictures from the day trip here.

Later in the evening, Mom and I went to Henry's movie club with Sheila and Jeff to discuss the 1978 film Days of Heaven. Before anyone asks, Dad was caught up with work and didn't come this time. It was great to see everyone again as we hadn't been to the film club in several months. This was a busy day for sure.

Mother's Day itself was also pretty fun as we invited Sheila and Jeff over for dinner. As usual, Mom made lots of good food. I offered to help out with the cooking - this was Mother's Day after all - but she wouldn't have any of it. On the other hand, I did spend a few hours helping her pick goji berries from our backyard. This was hard work as we have lots of goji bushes. However, the harvest was also quite rewarding as goji is expensive these days.

Despite the busy weekend, I got to play some RuneScape during breaks. I actually redeemed a bond for membership today because the RuneScape Road Trip was too good to pass up. :-)

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

85 smithing in RuneScape

I just got 85 smithing in RuneScape a few moments ago. You can view the screenshot here. This probably isn't terribly impressive in today's standards, but being able to smith the best metal in the free game is nonetheless useful.

While smithing is one of the most expensive skills, the XP boost from the RuneScape Road Trip cut the costs in half. The lag was annoying at times due to my crappy Internet connection but fortunately didn't impact me too much. Although, standing there hitting metal bars for two hours straight does get repetitive.

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