Tuesday, December 22, 2009

an exciting holiday season

I've been rather busy lately even though the semester has ended. You see, I'm hoping to continue my graduate studies after finishing my current degree at St. Mary's College of California. To increase my chances, I've applied to around 18 universities. The good news is that I'm mostly done with the applications. That means I'm pretty much free for the holidays. :-)

Christmas is a time for people to come together. Therefore, my parents are inviting some family friends over for dinner in the next few days. However, the best part is that we'll be going to the Great Lakes area and the Atlantic Northeast for 11 days shortly after Christmas. The main purpose of the trip is to look at schools to which I've applied, although we'll visit relatives in Chicago and the Yen family in New Jersey as well. I'm so excited!

In other news...

1. We had Bonnie and her husband John over for dinner on the 20th. Click here to see all the good stuff we ate!

2. In an effort to learn more about finance, I accompanied my parents to their refinancing appointment this afternoon. While the process wasn't as complicated as I had thought, there was a shitload of paperwork they had to sign. Gotta love bureaucracy.

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